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Here’s more on the Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours in Real Estate

3D Virtual Real Estate Tours have given a whole new perspective to real estate marketing. This new technology, with its strong visual content makes the entire presentation more personalized and intuitive. In this fast paced digital age when customers are known to stay on a website for just about 59 seconds, the virtual tours offer highly engaging content to hold the customer’s attention span and generate sales.

3D Virtual Tours have in fact revolutionized real estate marketing and are being adopted by most companies for the multiple benefits they offer. Here’s more on some of the many benefits of 3D Virtual Tours in Real Estate:

  • Virtual Tours offer simulations of the property. As such, customers get the feeling of stepping inside the property and assessing its look and feel while viewing it from their smartphones, computers, tabs or VR headsets. This makes the whole experience more intuitive and gives the customers more confidence.
  • With the availability of 3D Virtual Tours customers can get quick previews of the properties they may be interested in. This helps them narrow down their choices and offers better comparisons, which comes in handy while making the final purchase decision.
  • The enquiries generated from Virtual Tours are always high prospect leads as they are always better informed and come in only after carefully assessing every aspect of the property.
  • In many instances, property buying decisions are influenced by the opinions of friends and family too. And, Virtual Tours enable customers to take ‘people who matter’ for a walkthrough of the property from the comfort of their homes before making a decision.
  • Virtual Tours also save Real Estate agents a lot of time, money and energy as the client comes to them only after getting a preview of the property. Thus, the prospects are informed buyers who come with specific questions and high intent to close the deal.
  • 3D Virtual Tours in Real Estate have also made it convenient for people to buy property even in places that are away from their place of residence. Prospective customers can easily take a look at the properties they intend to buy without wasting their time, money and energy.
  • Virtual Tours also help in strengthening the online presence of the Real Estate company as research suggests that listings featuring virtual tours have a 40% better chance of retaining customers.
  • Virtual Tours are also good for the environment as this technology eliminates the need for physical movement, thus cutting down on fuel consumption and emissions.

The 3D Virtual Real Estate Tours offer a win/win solution to Real Estate companies as well as customers by making the virtual reviewing process more personalized and convenient.

Moreover, with Digital Media giants like Google, Youtube, Facebook and such others promoting virtual reality in all areas of business and marketing, this technology is all set to become the most sought after in years to come. 3D Virtual Tours are all set to become an integral part of the business eco-system and companies armed with this technology can pave their way to the top in no time.

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