Matterport 3D Virtual Tour For Coworking Space In India


Drive More Tenants And Boost Online Exposure Of Your Co-Working Space With 3D Virtual Tours

With the growth of vibrant and innovative startups across India, the popularity of co-working spaces has also increased immensely here. They allow freelancers, small business owners, startups, designers and more to enjoy a dedicated workspace that way less expensive than a traditional office space. However, being a relatively new concept, not all people are fully aware of what a co-working space entails or the experience and value they can enjoy there. Hence, proactive marketing of these facilities is needed to attract modern, savvy professionals. A good co-working space virtual tour company in India can significantly help in this regard. They can deliver a cutting-edge 3D showcase of your co-working property, so as to entice, encourage and attract tenants from diverse fields of work.

Providing prospective tenants with the chance to explore your work space environment virtually in 3D would allow them to get a distinct realistic experience of actually working there and enjoying the functionality and networking opportunities it provides. A 3D walkthrough allows them to enjoy the various elements that make your co-working space unique, while checking out all its rooms and features in an immersive and interactive manner. The various key highlights of your co-working space, such as its relaxation or break area, meeting and conference rooms, smoking zone, reception, pantry, and so on, can be spectacularly showcased through these tours.

Impress the viewers instantly

Co-working spaces are popular for their lively and vibrant ambiance. However, simple photographs and text descriptions are hardly enough to actually explain the type of collaborative and productive environment one can expect from a co-working space. This is where a 3D virtual tour comes in. They would allow your target audience to enjoy a realistic experience of working at your establishment and soak in its wonderful ambiance, without even stepping inside the space.

A good co-working space virtual tour company in India can develop a cutting-edge, immersive tour of your facilities which can easily be viewed by prospective tenants on their phones, tablets, laptops, etc. These companies would choose the best time, angle, and lighting to perfectly showcase your space, so that your target audience gets impressed by it by just one look and are encouraged to physically visit the establishment as soon as possible.

Increase online exposure and visibility

When searching for a perfect co-working space, prospective tenants would definitely look for such facilities on Google. You can easily add the 3D virtual tour of co-working space on its Google Business listings to attract and engage any person looking for such facilities on the web. Prospective tenants are much more likely to click on your website after going through an informative and interactive virtual tour of your facilities, rather than simply looking can typical photographs of your building. These tours can also be shared on your social media pages, and profiles for an enhanced online exposure.

Adding a virtual reality-led facility tour to your digital marketing strategy to can be a great way to help the potential tenants fully understand and enjoy the co-working experience. So it’s time that you leveraged this tech to boost your prospects.