3D Virtual Reality Tour: The Best Suited Tool For Real Estate Marketing

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3D Virtual Reality Tour: The Best Suited Tool For Real Estate Marketing

3D Virtual Reality Tour: The Best Suited Tool For Real Estate Marketing

The real estate industry is consistently growing and prospering. However, with the rise in the demand for properties, the competition level among the realtors to attract contemporary, savvy buyers have also increased quite a bit.  One can find numerous property listing websites on the web today where people can put their home up for rent or even sale. In such a situation, many realtors having their own websites are facing a bit of a hard time to convince discerning buyers to make proper purchases through them.  It is high time that these realtors look for new and innovative ways to promote their properties on their website and Goggle Business listing to stay ahead of the competition and effectively attract modern buyers.

Leveraging 3D virtual tours for real-estate business growth

New-age technology has made a host of cutting-edge tools available at the disposal of the contemporary businesses, which they can use to promote their offerings. Among all these options, a 3D virtual reality tour would be the best suited for a real-estate business. This marketing tool can easily be embedded on the website of the realtors, as well as added to their Goggle Business listing, thereby enabling them to reach and attract a high number of prospective buyers in a highly engaging manner.

There are numerous reasons that make a 3D virtual reality tour an ideal marketing tool for real-estate businesses of today, some of them being:

  • The immersive, 3D virtual tours are extremely viewer-friendly and interactive. They allow the viewers to view and explore properties in an independent manner. The viewers can virtually ‘walk through’ from one room to another at their own pace, while checking out its important components. They get to take all their time to properly assess the flooring, lighting, and interior design of a space, to come to a conclusion about whether it meets their requirements or not.
  • A 3D virtual reality tour would have the capacity to hold the attention of the viewers for a way longer time than any chunk of text or series of still images.  In fact, if properly executed, these tours can hold the attention of the viewers for up to an hour. The immersive nature of these tours allows the viewers to imagine themselves living in the house, while exploring each of its rooms. An automated human voice can be added to these tours for the walkthrough narrations, to keep the viewers captivated and engaged. 
  • While typical brochures can provide details about a property to the prospective buyers, they fail to form any sort of connection. However, the longer a viewer spends exploring the various rooms of a house on a 3D virtual tour, the more likely are they to imagine how it would be to live there and develop an emotional connection with the space. This connection can significantly contribute to encouraging the buyers to close the deal.
  • Open house events have been part and parcel of the real estate business for decades. However, these events can be extremely time-consuming and strenuous, especially if the realtors have multiple showings on the same day. A 3D virtual tour would remain permanently open at the website of the realtor for anyone who wants to visit. This shall invariably save them a lot of time, effort and resources, which would have otherwise been spent on scheduling an open house, and staying at the site to answer questions of many individuals who would not even buy the house.

To get the best possible results for their 3D virtual reality tour, it is imperative that realtors contact well-established and reliable companies who use high-end technologies like the Matterport camera system to develop such tours. These service providers ideally use specialized techniques to highlight the core selling points of the property, and may even use special effects to help the property look spectacular both in daylight and at night. Many of these virtual tour companies capture wide-angle views that captivate buyers, and can showcase a property in the best possible light.  They additionally have the knowledge of professional editing techniques, which they use to ensure that there are no distortions or imperfections in the tour. If needed, realtors can even ask them to provide HD quality pictures of the property, which they can add to their listing and brochures to attract more referrals high net-worth clients.

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