Augment Efficiency In Construction Projects With Matterport 3D Scanning Technology

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Augment Efficiency In Construction Projects With Matterport 3D Scanning Technology

Augment Efficiency In Construction Projects With Matterport 3D Scanning Technology

All engineers and construction experts strive to leave no margin for errors in any project they undertake. However, as there are so many moving parts involved in their projects, they always have certain inherent potential complications. To improve the efficiency and accuracy of these projects, several professionals are now leveraging the innovations of 360-degree photography and Matterport 3D Scan.

The Matterport camera system provides for immersive scanning and reality captures, which allows you to improve your on-site operations, speed up as-built designs, streamline documentation, ensure effective monitoring and facilitate smooth collaboration.

Matterport 3D scan for architecture, engineering, and construction allow the viewers to zoom in and drag panoramic image spherically through 360 degrees for an immersive experience, which helps them quite a bit in site monitoring.  With this scanned footage, you can make a swift and accurate assessment of each phase of a project in collaboration with other experts and stakeholders. As reviewing a day’s work becomes easy and faster through this technology, professionals get to troubleshoot the project complications more proactively as well.

In addition to capturing a space visually, Matterport 3D Scan enables the measurement of these spaces with 99% accuracy through infrared technology.  These 3D representations of your project site would allow you to virtually ‘walkthrough’ the space at each and every stage of development.

Matterport 3D scan for architecture, engineering, and construction brings a project to life with the power of 3Dm while capturing it in detail and from multiple perspectives. This immersive imaging technology shall allow architect and construction professionals to:

  • Fully capture the existing conditions of a building, and eradicate the need for multiple site visits due to missing details or dimensions.
  • Inspect and measure a site remotely, as well as audit its wiring, ventilation, insulation and plumbing compliance.
  • Can the project at multiple phases for thorough documentation
  • Develop immersive and engaging before and after presentations in 3D for future marketing efforts

Streamlining construction processes with Matterport 3D Scan

Matterport 3D Scan can be helpful in regards to both engineering/facilities management and construction use cases. With 3D Scan of a project site, project managers can remotely walkthrough mechanical rooms to provide training on technicians and operators safely and inform them about the guidelines to be followed. They also need not visit sites to explain tasks or to make a simple change

Matterport 3D Scan for architecture, engineering, and construction allows for smoother and easier labeling, documentation and reviewing of records and maintenance intervals. The relevant professionals get to manage all assets remotely through a single 3D file, and tag all items with repair histories, manuals and contact info for vendors.

Engineers, project managers and construction workers can remotely collaborate with all vendors while viewing the entire space, and also annotate, measure, and distribute the complete site to all stakeholders. It provides for a complete turnover package to the building owners.

By saving time and increasing efficiency at a construction site, the Matterport 3D Scan can invariably help in reducing any extra potential expenses as well.

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