Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting Interactive 3D Tours

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Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting Interactive 3D Tours

Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting Interactive 3D Tours

Today any person who can afford to buy an expensive 3D camera may try to develop an interactive 3D video tour. However, simply because they can shoot such a tour, does not mean that they should do it. Developing high-quality interactive 3D tours is not easy. In fact, shooting Virtual Reality (VR) can be highly complex, time-consuming, and frustrating.

People who especially have no idea about the basics of developing immersive 3D tours may face a lot of issues by working on it.

Importance of professional quality Interactive 3D Tours

Many people believe that shooting an interactive 3D tour just takes a camera, and simple point and shoot operation. But so is not the case. Only high-quality, professional 3D tour services in India manages to impress the viewers, and provide them with an unparalleled immersive experience. Such an experience is not created within a few days. A lot of time, dedication, and hard work are needed to create good interactive 3D tours.

Not everything looks great on a 3D format, and even a tiny mistake can ruin a good VR piece. While the popularity interactive and immersive 3D tours are expected to climb up in the next few years, people firstly need to understand it’s basic to move ahead with it.  It is important to keep out all the standard video rules when shooting interactive 3D tours. People must learn about developing such tours with a fresh and clear mind.

Mistakes to avoid when shooting an Interactive 3D Tour

  • Using a cheap camera: While phone cameras have improved a lot in terms of image quality, it is impossible to develop professional level 3D tours through an iPhone. Most phone cameras do not have a high zoom feature needed for 3D tours.  It additionally would be difficult to hold such cameras still, and at the right angle. If someone really wants to provide professional 3D tour services in India, they must purchase a high-quality digital camera, and related accessories like a tripod with a panoramic tripod head.
  • Too Much (or not enough) natural light: Too little natural light might make a room look dark, while too much of it can distort or even totally ruin photos. To not end up with washed-out photos, it is vital to first think about the lighting of the space. Incandescent lighting tends to be perfect for such videos. Otherwise, people may try to shoot on a sunny day, only if the sun is not shining directly through the windows.
  • Shooting Without Taking Test Photos First: It won’t cost anything to simply take a few extra shots before the actual shoot. It can help one to see how the room looks like through the camera lens, so that they can make the needed changes prior to taking the final pictures. Taking a few extra photos before can save people a lot of time in the long run.

The pointers mentioned above can significantly help amateurs to avoid costly mistakes when planning to develop interactive 3D tours.

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