Matterport 3D Virtual Tour: A Premium Tech Enabled Tool To Promote Real Estate Properties

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Matterport 3D Virtual Tour: A Premium Tech Enabled Tool To Promote Real Estate Properties

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour: A Premium Tech Enabled Tool To Promote Real Estate Properties

Technological innovations have over the years significantly impacted all industries, the real estate sector being no different. In addition to the new-age tools and techniques used in construction, architecture and design, certain high-tech imaging and photography engineering technologies are found to be used for real estate marketing as well. Nowadays it has become common to find a 360 virtual tour, 3D floor plan and various other interactive exploratory programs on the websites of real estate companies and agents.  These tools significantly aid realtors to expand their customer base through the digital medium, and build a personal relationship with them by providing an immersive, realistic viewing of their properties. 

Using real estate virtual tours to engage buyers

To develop a reputation of being a real estate company that strives on innovation and cutting-edge technology, many realtors opt to seek out the assistance of service providers developing premium Matterport 3D virtual tour in India. The Matterport 3D camera system is globally renowned for delivering highly immersive, interactive and engaging 3D virtual tours, and allows the viewing of a property from multiple angles and perspectives. Their incredible features would surely make Matterport virtual tours a perfect addition to a versatile real estate marketing tool kit.

The interactive and immersive nature of 360 virtual tour developed by the Matterport camera system is highly effective in magnetizing the attention of the viewers. These tours provide them with a unique opportunity to remotely investigate and explore a realistic digital environment.  The viewers can easily virtually walk through from room to room and floor to floor seamlessly, while zeroing on any aspect they deem to be interesting or important, such as artisan tiles and lighting fixtures. Such an interactive property viewing experience helps the viewers to connect with the property on a personal level, and encourages them to pay it a physical visit.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour: An innovative way to expand customer reach

Service providers of Matterport 3D virtual tour in India help realtors to easily embed these tours to the website of a real estate company.  Such tours can also be added to the Google Business Listing and shared on the social media profiles of the realty firm to enhance their online exposure, drive more conversions and gain a solid competitive advantage.

  • Attract customers from near and far: 360 virtual tour allow for a 24x7 open house viewing, enabling realtors to attract customers from any time zone and region. This includes high net-worth buyers planning to make property investments in a foreign country.  Even local buyers who do not have enough time to take out from their busy schedule to go for physical viewing can benefit a lot from these virtual tours. 

On the part of the realtors, such tours allow them to eradicate all the hassles associated with hosting an open-house, including its scheduling, staging and putting in long hours on-site.  The whole open-house process can be digitalized with the help of virtual tours. The realtors may even ask for feedback on such tours through their website and social media profiles to facilitate better customer interactions.

  • Enhance customer engagement:  A virtual tour can hold the attention of the prospective buyers way more than any text or still pictures, and also encourage them to explore a brand further. They may even ask questions about various aspects of the property online with ease, either in the comment section of the website or in the social pages if the real estate company. The realtors can subsequently answer these queries in real-time from the comfort of their office.
  • Promote under- construction and remodeled homes: In addition to ready-to-move-in properties, a 360 virtual tour can also showcase under- construction and renovated homes.  Through them, the realtors can enable viewers to check out how the completed project is expected to look, with fully finished and furnished interiors.

Owing to the many benefits of this state-of-the-art marketing tool, contacting a good service provider of Matterport 3D virtual tour in India would be the best move for any real estate company and agent.

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