What Makes Matterport 3D Virtual Tours A Perfect Marketing Tool For Real Estate In Oman?

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What Makes Matterport 3D Virtual Tours A Perfect Marketing Tool For Real Estate In Oman?

What Makes Matterport 3D Virtual Tours A Perfect Marketing Tool For Real Estate In Oman?

The property market of Oman has witnessed quite a boost in recent years owing to the adoption of international real estate regulations and enhanced tax revenues. To maximize the profit opportunities offered by its booming property sector, many new real estate companies have also emerged in the region. It has subsequently become imperative for these companies to try out new real estate marketing techniques to drive more buyers to their properties and acquire an edge over their competitors.

3D Visual marketing for Oman properties

When it comes to real estate marketing, it is vital to identify a solution that works well for all parties involved, namely the agent, seller, and buyer. Diverse visual marketing techniques have been used for decades in this industry for a long time, including 2D photographs.  Attractive images of residential properties have proven to be effective in emotionally engaging and driving interest among homebuyers, while enabling the agents and seller to showcase a house in the best light possible.

However, with the advancement of new-age technologies, it has become crucial for real-estate companies to keep pace with modern techniques. In this world of virtual reality and 3D images, typical still images are not enough to hold the attention of property buyers, especially the savvy urban dwellers  residing in Oman. 3D virtual tours developed by the high-end Matterport camera system are progressively becoming the future of real estate marketing, particularly in major cities of Oman.

A good Matterport service provider in Oman will be able to create an excellent 3D virtual tour of both commercial and residential properties. These tours are the most immersive and realistic way to experience a property virtually, and provide the viewers with the feeling of being physically present on-site. Apart from checking out the décor, amenities, and features of a property, through Matterport 3D tours, the viewers can even soak in the ambiance of the establishment.

Here are some of the ways these tours help all parties involved in a real estate transaction:

  • For the buyer: The majority of property buyers today start their search online. This is especially true for the educated, urban dwellers of Oman. These digitally ‘native’ homebuyers often desire to get a real sense of how a house really feels and look like, beyond the typical static photography. Matterport 3D tours are perfect for these modern homebuyers as it enables them to get a taste of the actual ambiance of the property, apart from gaining an understanding of its appearance and features.
  • For real estate agents: Conducting open-houses for each prospective homebuyer is an extremely time-consuming task. In many scenarios, the prospective buyers find the property to be not in sync with their requirements, and hence the whole time and effort given by the real estate agent in conducting the open house go to waste. With Matterport 3D tours, real estate agents can provide the buyers with the facility of enjoying an online open house. This way, the buyers shall learn all the important details about the property and explore it's every nook and corner, even before stepping a foot inside the space physically. Therefore, only the buyers who have determined that the property can meet their requirements after going through its 3D virtual tour will contact the agent for a physical open house, subsequently saving them a lot of time and effort.
  • Real estate companies: Nowadays, high-quality images have become a basic requirement for any real estate marketing efforts. In order to boost their marketing plan and attract more customers, acquiring the assistance of a Matterport service provider in Oman would be important for any real estate company. The dynamic, 3D visual tours created by these service providers can act as a key differentiator that sets a real estate company apart from its competitors. These tours also help in supporting the SEO efforts of a real estate firm, while enabling them to gain more qualified leads. Potential buyers are encouraged to consider investing in a house that they have already visited and explored virtually.

Features of Matterport 3D Scanning

Through a good Matterport service provider in Oman, real estate companies and agents can benefit from a powerful marketing tool that allows their potential buyers to walk through a whole property without being there in person. 3D Matterport technology has certain features that make it an ideal real estate marketing tool. These features include:

  • 3D Virtual Tour:  It provides an immersive and complete tour of the property, while enabling the viewers to move around the establishment and get a complete sense of the space.
  • 3D Dollhouse views: This feature enables the viewers to explore the property from outside, rotate and turn the images to check it out from all sides, and subsequently switch to inside mode to look at the interiors. The comprehensive preview of the whole property provided through 3D Dollhouse views immediately engages the viewers and provides then with the feeling of being physically present there.
  • Floor Plan: This 3D site plan is meant to directly identify the special features of the property, and enables the viewers to view the whole building or each floor individually. The floor plan makes it easier for the viewers to explore each element of the property, and gain a better understanding of its prime features.
  • MatterTags Infopoints : The MatterTags are quite useful in highlighting the key features of a property, providing additional details, and adding more context to a space. They keep the viewers engaged in the tour by providing them important information about the diverse aspects of the property with the usage of texts, videos, images, or even web links.
  • Guided 3D Walkthrough:  People can curate a gallery of the most interesting parts of a property, and organize it into a fully automated guided tour to provide the viewers with a dynamic experience of exploring the space. With a Guided 3D Walkthrough, the viewers simply have to press the play button and sit back, as they shall be virtually guided through the most prominent features of the property.

The high-quality videos developed by any good Matterport service provider in Oman can work wonders for real estate companies, and play a significant role in enabling them to enjoy superior conversion rates.

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