Starts360 Announces Virtual Showroom Service To Run Business During The Pandemic

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Starts360 Announces Virtual Showroom Service To Run Business During The Pandemic

Starts360 Announces Virtual Showroom Service To Run Business During The Pandemic

Starts360 announces its virtual showroom service. It helps business owners to serve their products and services to clients virtually.

Starts360, a company that offers Matterport virtual tour service, announces their virtual showroom service. The idea of this service is to help business owners to have a virtual showroom. They can open this showroom 24/7. It also limits the direct meeting with potential clients because of the pandemic. The project manager explained, “We hope that virtual showroom supports business owners to keep running their business even in the pandemic. It can be a solution to serve clients without directly meeting with them. On the other hand, clients can study about the products and services while exploring the showroom virtually.”

Grabbing more potential clients no matter the condition is another reason why business owners consider releasing a virtual tour. People find anything they want through the internet, and it increases in the pandemic. They will also find a 3D virtual tour showroom of a specific business and may try it. People are often looking for further information when thinking that the company gives something attractive to them. It increases their curiosity to know the products and services. The project manager of the virtual showroom service stated, “A virtual tour may make people curious about certain brands, products, and services. The curiosity may lead them to follow the virtual tour for a few minutes. We expect that it affects the sales of the business because they do an action after the end of the tour.”

A virtual tour also allows people to visit a specific showroom by using their mobile phones or computers. Indeed, business owners have to ensure that the virtual showroom is realistic enough and gives clients crucial information. The project manager of this service described, “People or clients can think calmly and wisely whether they need to buy the products or services after joining a virtual tour. The condition may increase sales because clients can decide without any pressure from others. Some clients even think that joining the showroom virtual tour is enough to ensure that they want to use the products and services.”

It depends on how the companies serve their virtual tours to clients and the quality of the virtual tour service. A virtual tour that is made with a Matterport camera and other sophisticated tools will boost the result. Starts360 also expects that pandemic is no longer a serious problem after business owners use a showroom virtual tour to promote products and services.

About Start360:

Start360 is a service that helps to create a virtual showroom tour for a variety of businesses. The team is using a Matterport camera and other sophisticated tools to create 360 degrees virtual showroom projects. Their clients include real estate agencies, restaurants, cafes, apartment agencies, and many more.

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