Starts360 Introduces Google Virtual Tour Service Using Matterport Technology

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Starts360 Introduces Google Virtual Tour Service Using Matterport Technology

Starts360 Introduces Google Virtual Tour Service Using Matterport Technology

Starts360 launched Google Virtual Tour service. Utilizing the Matterport technology, this company gives nothing but the best result for its clients.

Starts360 has released the Virtual Tour service utilizing the Google Virtual Tour tool. This service is specially made for the real estate business. This company provides this service by using the Matterport 3D Scan technology to create a realistic 3D visual for the customer to use in their online tour. This company also hires a team of experts and professionals in this industry to produce the most satisfying result for the customers. This service will also help customers to add the virtual tour in their business listing, which helps them to boost their visibility and marketing in the targeted market.

According to the representative of Starts360, “We realize how important a new invention and implementation of the latest technology is to today’s business practice. It is not only for improving their service. But, it also provides convenience for the customer to use the service. Our Google Virtual Tour service also has a similar purpose. We try to help the business owner that has problems and limitations during the pandemic to promote their business. And, we also would like to help the customer of our client to receive the best service they need. As the Matterport Service In India provider, we also believe that our service will bring nothing but satisfaction and happiness for our clients.”

Starts360 is one of the leading companies in the IT industry in India. This company mainly provides the 3D Virtual Tour service for a business, company, or personal usage. The service consists of three different types of products, which is the 3D Virtual Tour, where Google Virtual Tour is one of them. Then, it also has a Professional Photography service and the Schematic Floor Plan.

Starts360 offers its service to all kinds of industries, from restaurants, wedding venues to real estate. Furthermore, this company also is the provider for the usage of Matterport in India. Matterport itself is a leading technology in the 3D virtual field, which allows its user to create a realistic 3D interactive environment. With this technology, this company keeps growing and has now become the leading company in this field.

About Starts360

Starts360 is an IT technology providing the service to create a 3D virtual environment for showroom, business, and real estate. This company also becomes the top provider for Matterport technology for creating this digital project in India.

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