Starts360 Launches A Virtual Apartment Tour Service For Agencies Worldwide

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Starts360 Launches A Virtual Apartment Tour Service For Agencies Worldwide

Starts360 Launches A Virtual Apartment Tour Service For Agencies Worldwide

Starts360 helps to create a virtual apartment tour for agencies around the world. The agencies can give a 24/7 apartment sample to their clients with the virtual tour.

Starts360, a company in New Delhi that offers a 360 Degree Real Estate virtual tour service, helps to create a sample apartment from all over the world 24/7. This service helps real estate agencies to promote their products even in a pandemic. Instead of meeting face to face, clients can check the apartment anytime they want online. The representative of this service explained, “Online technology helps a lot, especially during a pandemic where people can’t directly meet each other as often as before. They can use online apps to do many things. We expect that virtual tour service helps agencies to show their sample apartment 24/7. Indeed, clients can also check it anytime and anywhere.”

The sensation of exploring a virtual apartment with a 360 virtual tour service is similar to direct exploration. The use of a Matterport camera creates a realistic image. Then, the virtual tour creator team mixes it with a 360 degrees system and adds crucial information that clients should know. The representative of the service added, “The 360 degrees system allows clients to find the best angles to check the detail of the apartment. They can also click some buttons during the virtual tour to get a bit of explanation about the concept, color, materials, and other things about the apartment.” The earlier clients understand the specifications and features of the apartment, the faster for them to know whether they have to buy the apartment or not. On the other hand, the agency is ready to help clients who need to know more about the apartment after seeing it virtually.

The service representative stated, “A real estate virtual tour is a great idea to keep garbing potential clients even in the pandemic. Clients may be impressed with the virtual tour service. The more impressed clients with the services from the real estate agency, the easier for them to decide to buy the apartment.” Agencies can also enjoy the virtual tour first by seeing the portfolio of the Starts360. It gives an overview of what they get after using a 360 degrees apartment virtual tour.

The process of requesting a virtual tour to the 360 virtual tour service provider also uses online facilities, such as messenger or virtual conference apps. It is also one of the reasons why Starts360 is ready to accept agencies worldwide to outsource their services to create an apartment virtual tour even in the epidemic.

About Starts360:

Starts360 is a company that focuses on producing a virtual tour product. They have a professional team to create 360 degrees virtual tours for real estate agencies, apartments, and others.

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