The Many Benefits Of Using 3D Matterport Scanning for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

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The Many Benefits Of Using 3D Matterport Scanning for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

The Many Benefits Of Using 3D Matterport Scanning for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

When it comes to digitally showcasing a property, Matterport tours have gradually emerged as the go-to tool for discerning businesses. The Matterport camera system allows for the 3-dimensional rendering of any project, so that it can be showcased online in a distinctive realistic and immersive manner. 3D Matterport Scanning has swiftly become the new standard for online virtual tours developed for the domains of real estate and architecture, engineering, and construction.

With the help of this innovative, state-of-the-art camera system, the 3DV (3-Dimensional Visualization) technicians belonging to well-established Matterport service provider in India streamline the production process, collaborate, and create a 3D twin of a property that can be easily marketed.  The HDR photography of the Matterport camera and its leading-edge features enable these service providers to scan up to 10,000 square feet per project. 3D Matterport Scanning is dimensionally accurate within 1%, and offers spatially accurate schematic floor plans, 3rd person dollhouse showcase, as well as 1st person explorative layouts.

Marketing professionals and business organizations across the world are now using Matterport technology for a host of applications and industries, including that of architecture, engineering and construction.  The advanced 3D mapping and scanning features of this technology are now being readily used for the purpose of property documentation, facility management, as well as viewer engagement. In addition to providing superior online exposure to business, this technology also helps professionals to communicate the details of their property virtually with extreme ease. Matterport 3D virtual tours are the most competent and cost-effective methods available to both document and archive your space or project.

Leveraging 3D Matterport Scanning for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Any renowned Matterport service provider in India significantly helps in streamlining the documentation process, facilitating smooth collaborations, and speeding up as-built designs. They ideally develop immersive walk-through views of the existing conditions of a facility, which subsequently can be annotated, edited, and shared with the major stakeholders of the project, as well as across engineering groups.  The immersive and realistic 3D representations of your project developed through the Matterport system shall enable you to virtually explore and assess the job site at every stage of development.  This technology quite efficiently and effectively replaces thousands of site photos, with just a single set of immersive 3D spaces that ensures of seamless communication and long-term record keeping.

A single Matterport scan can replace thousands of high-quality photos, while also adding context and real-world dimensions the construction documentation workflow. The Mattertag feature of this technology can additionally be used to record details, convey instructions, and communicate remotely. Getting all your stakeholders, including investors, clients, and the executive team on the same page becomes a whole lot easier with Matterport. You may even send these documents to the relevant building owner for long-term facilities management, or tag MEP details to show what is beneath the drywall to help in long term maintenance and modifications.

Here are some of the prime ways the offerings of any major Matterport service provider in India can help in regards to architecture, engineering and construction:

  • Project documentation: They help you to consolidate project documents into a few 3D models, which you can easily annotate and share. Matterport service providers even have the capacity to develop real-world architectural, structural, and MEP designs, which are extremely beneficial for record-keeping. These details can especially come as a huge help for maintaining a record of a space prior to pouring concrete or putting up drywall there.
  • Remote Inspections:  They allow for swift capture of construction conditions for documentation, which can be shared within just 24 hours of scanning. Hence, can you easily inspect each and every stage of your project developed remotely with the help of Matterport technology. There is no need for making multiple return site visits when its 3D model can be simply viewed on your smartphone or computer.
  • Facility Management: In addition to construction documentation, offerings of Matterport service providers also help quite a bit in long-term management and maintenance of the site. You can just turn over the 3D virtual model to the building owner or the facilities manager as part of your turnover package, subsequent to the completion of the project.

Incorporating 3D Matterport Scanning into your BIM (Building Information Modeling) process can additionally aid you to reduce expenses related to virtual design and construction, and even help you win more bids. It’s time that you utilize this technology to make your construction and engineering process much smoother and faster.

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