Primary and secondary educational institutions virtual tours in India


Positively Engage Parents With Primary And Secondary Educational Institution Virtual Tours

Choosing the perfect school to enrol their child in is a crucial decision for all parents, and they take it after a lot of thought and deliberation. Modern parents typically explore the websites of multiple educational institutions to check out whether they have certain infrastructural facilities that ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of the students, while trying to identify the perfect school to enrol their kid in. Hence, to effectively engage and impress these parents, you must use innovative methods to showcase the infrastructure of your school in the best light. Providing them with an immersive 3D virtual tour of your campus would be one of the best ways to enable them to experience the amenities and facilities provided at your school in a highly realistic manner.

Add a virtual tour to your website and Goggle listing

Primary and secondary educational institutions virtual tours can be embedded to the website of schools to drive super traffic, engagement and conversion rates. They have the capacity to hold the attention of the parents for way longer than typical high-quality photographs or paragraph of text, and persuade them to further explore the school website. Moreover, 3D virtual tours can easily be added to the Google business listing of your school and published on a Google Street View.

Prospective parents would definitely search for your educational institution on Google prior to enrolling their kid there, and by having an immersive and interactive 3D virtual tour added to your listing, you can make a great first impression on them. These tours would allow the parents to ‘look inside’ your institution, check out the entire campus from top to bottom, and move from one room to another in a seamless manner. Media-tags can easily be added to these primary and secondary educational institutions virtual tours, which the viewers simply have to click to find out more about key areas of your establishment. These pop-up panels can contain text, images, hyperlinks and even video.

Differentiate Your Educational Institution

A 3D virtual tour would be absolutely ideal for showing off the facilities, features and overall architecture of your school campus, while underlining the key elements that make your institution stand out. Whether you have a start-of-the-art computer lab, a giant basketball court, or an expansive library, a virtual tour can provide the viewers a stunning and realistic experience of the best parts of your campus and entice the parents to shortlist your institution for their child’s school admission.  They can even share the link of your virtual tour with their friends and family members to confirm if your educational institution is ideal for their kids. This would invariably increase the overall brand exposure of your school as well.

Adding primary and secondary educational institutions virtual tours to your social media pages and profiles would be another great way to boost your overall brand exposure and visibility online, while providing immersive, interactive and useful content to your target audience.