3D Virtual Tour for Hotels, Accomodation and Resort in India


3D Virtual Tours: Benefitting the Hospitality Industry in More ways than One

The hospitality industry largely thrives on customer experience management and 3D Virtual Tours have greatly enhanced the overall presentation of these facilities. In a span of just about 4-5 years, there has been a paradigm shift in the way customers make their hotel bookings. While earlier, people mostly relied on reviews and references, with the availability of virtual reality, people prefer virtual walkthroughs before finalizing the facility they would be staying in.

In order to harness the potential of virtual reality, most facilities are now a day’s opting for 3D Virtual Tour for Hotels and Resort in India. Here’s an overview on some of these benefits:

Increased Online Booking and Direct Sales: Virtual reality helps showcase a property in all its grandeur which goes a long way in catching customer attention. With the help of VR, hotels can always highlight their USPs and even customize their presentation according to the client’s requirements. Since, customers do not visit a facility before making a booking and are often sceptical; with 3D Virtual Tours all kinds of speculations can be laid to rest. This becomes possible because with VR customers literally get to see the entire property before making a booking. Therefore, this revolutionary technology results in better business and higher margins.

Moreover, this technology proactively reports to search engines and does not wait for them to index new listings. This greatly increases visibility and online traffic which automatically transcends into better sales and higher revenue.

Higher Customer Engagement: 3D Virtual Tours literally put people into the scene, making the experience all the more personalized. This experience often becomes the deciding factor, tipping the scale in favour of the hotel or resort when the customers start comparing different properties offering similar amenities. The presence of 3D Virtual Tours on the websites of hotels and resorts helps a lot in boosting customer confidence.

Higher Chances of Venue Hires: When looking to hire a venue for an event, corporate or personal, customers are always very particular about every aspect of the venue. And, 3D Virtual Tours always help in making quick decisions. With 3D Virtual Tours, Hotels and Resort in India primarily get to highlight the designated event spaces and thus increase sales. For instance, a couple looking for an exotic wedding venue will have higher chances of booking a venue with a proper altar, a dance floor a cocktail lounge etc. And, the prospect of cracking the deal always increases for the hotel or resort if the couple gets a virtual walkthrough of the property.


Several companies have come up that offer services related to creation of 3D Virtual Tours for Hotels and Resorts in India and they have a very systematic approach to creating these Virtual Tours. These companies have competent team members who can help you harness the VR technology to facilitate the Interactive Exploration of your property and increase customer engagement as well as sales.

Harness the potential of VR today and make a lasting impression on your guests!!