School and Colleges 360 Virtual Tour Service Provider in India


The Core Advantages of Educational Institution Virtual Tours

The overall success of any educational institution, no matter whether it is a school, college, or university, would depend on the number of students seeking admission there every year. This number would largely depend on the quality of education provided at the institution, its past results, the amenities provided, as well as the marketing efforts undertaken by the facility. 3D virtual tours and 3D Scanning would be the best available marketing tool to highlight the locational and infrastructural aspects of the institution in an interactive and immersive manner.

The well-established companies specializing in developing educational institutions virtual tour in India can create a much more high-quality and engaging resource for your target audience, than the typical photographs or video content. The realistic 3D walkthroughs developed by them would enable prospective students and their parents to check out each and every aspect of your educational institution in an immersive manner, right from its classrooms and laboratories to hostels and canteens.  These virtual tours can even be combined with VR headsets for the purpose of leveling up the overall experience and novelty factor of your educational institution, while enabling the viewers to feel as if they are physically present at the facility. Institutions having their stall in education fairs and workshops can easily use VR headsets to provide a stunning showcase of their campus to the attendees.

Enhances User Engagement

Prospective students would invariably feel more connected to your institution as they get the opportunity to virtually explore the campus, rather than simply checking its photographs.

High-quality 3D tours allow the students to get an ‘inside view’ of all the rooms and facilities of the campus, and enjoy a taste of the facilities they can expect to find there.  Through these tours, the viewers can check out the institution from all angles and sides, and seamlessly move from one floor to another.

Educational institutions virtual tour in India encourage the students to stay on the website of the facility for a long time, and subsequently check out the other details present there, including the enrollment criteria and prospectus.  Grasping the attention of website visitors, especially students, can be an incredibly hard task.  However, with a 3D tour, not only can one effectively hold their attention, but also persuade them to further explore the page. These tours can significantly help in boosting the web traffic and conversion rates of an educational institution.

Provides important information and helps the institution to stand out

Just about all colleges and schools today post the pictures of their campus online. It’s time for you to push the envelope and incorporate interactive, multimedia tours in your digital marketing strategy to drive more organic traffic.

Educational institutions virtual tour in Indiashall help you to spectacularly showcase the uniqueness of your campus, which can include certain distinguished architectural features, a grand basketball court or swimming pool, state-of-the-art laboratories, and so on. Enabling students to experience the unique, memorable aspects of the campus through a virtual tour can become a key element that encourages them to get enrolled into your institution. Meta-tags can additionally be attached to the various physical spaces in a tour to add more context to it, such as the details of the lab equipment.

Educational institutions virtual tour in India can prove to be advantageous for both schools and colleges when it comes to attracting more students, and can easily be embedded on their website and added to their Google listing.