3D Virtual Retail Showroom In India

3D Virtual Retail Shopping Experiences

Looking for ways to enhance your market reach and adapt to the changing retail eco-system? Try out the revolutionary Matterport 3D capture platform and give your customers an all new shopping experience.

With the Matterport 3D capture platform you can create a 3D Virtual Retail Showroom complete with integrated product descriptions as well as inbuilt links to make a purchase. This technology facilitates a completely immersive shopping experience and as a result gives your business a competitive edge.

Why Matterport?

The Matterport 3D capture platform enables customers to get a 3D view of the products which enables them to make better assessments of the products and also make quick purchase decisions.

The Many Advantages of creating 3D Virtual Retail Showroom:

Enhanced Customer Experience: In this age of e-commerce when majority of customers prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes, having a strong online presence with an easy to use interface is the key to success of your retail showroom. When customers have the convenience of reviewing their products of choice online as well as in-store, customer engagement automatically increases. Moreover, since about 81% customers research online before making any purchase decision, having a Virtual 3D store can always boost sales.

Consistent Retail Experience across Multiple Stores: With the Matterport 3D capture platform retailers can capture all aspects of the store. This technology enables a seamless virtual store experience across multiple store locations, thus making the experience all the more intuitive for customers.

Ease of Training Retail Store Staff: This technology also benefits large multi-brand stores by hastening the training process. New recruits or substitute staff can always get a 3D walkthrough of the store and get a quick understanding of the flow of the in-store space. Thus, with a better understanding of the store space, employees can quickly take up their respective roles.

Better Online Presence: The Matterport 3D capture platform not only makes your multi-brand retail store highly impressive, it also strengthens your online presence in the following ways:

It offers ease of sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • The 3D Virtual Retail Showroom can always be published on Google Street View to easily connect with local customers looking for relevant stores nearby
  • With this platform it also becomes convenient to create a bird’s eye view of the stores floor plan, so customers can conveniently locate the product of their choice.
  • With this technology you also get the option to create guided tours to point the customers to the chief attractions of the store.
  • This technology also enables exporting videos, GIFs and 4K print quality photos from the generated 3D model that can be easily used for various marketing campaigns of your store.

Here’s how to get started:

Creating a 3D virtual showroom was never easier:

  • Scan the Showroom or property
  • Hire a expertise Matterport Service Provider In India. These professionals have the required expertise to scan and create a digital twin of the store

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